For the Concerned Patient-Care Advocate

Concerned healthcare advocate

Concerned Heath Care Advocates recognize the need for high-value cancer treatments

Cancer is the most oppressive and costly disease affecting mankind today, as high-value curative approaches have traditionally taken a back seat to developing mere disease-killing strategies.  So it should not be surprising that it has so deeply affected the lives of so many who have never had cancer themselves.  This is why so many who never had cancer have taken up the charge to discover patient-oriented quality-of-life curative strategies. IVC treatment has emerged as singular in it’s efficiency to improve patient empowerment, to improve quality of life, and to improve cancer therapy outcomes as part of a duly considered comprehensive cancer-fighting strategy.  

As such, many contributions in this handbook came from people like you. You will likely find all of this book interesting, although Chapter 4 will be probably worth skipping unless you find coaching on patient-doctor negotiations particularly interesting … (we felt it was necessary to include based on observations of how badly such negotiations frequently go for the patient).  

Thank you for your mutual interest in becoming part of the solution.

– The Authors